The Company

The D2 Technology is a Portuguese company, founded at the beginning of this milestone that has been evolving the stone industry throughout its existence. We are a high technology company in the stone sector and today we are especially characterized by the production of various CNC equipments.

D2 Technology has branches in Brazil, Germany and USA, as well as distributors in other countries.

We have enrolled in our DNA: Quality, Performance and Design and so each equipment produced creates Perfection In Motion.

We are a young company that breathes enthusiasm for technology and efficiency.

All our machines are assembled by hand where the slightest detail is taken into account.

These machines are our passion for everyday life, so we build them as if they were for the first time.

Integrated Management System Policy

With the certification of Quality and Reconciliation of Professional, Personal and Family Life, D2 Technology intends to reinforce and maintain high levels in the quality of its products, increase and retain its customers, improve the reconciling the professional and personal life of employees and increasing their productivity.

All employees have responsibilities so that the company Policy is maintained and complied with at all levels. In this way, the image of D2 Technology is continuously promoted, through:

  • Follow the requirements of Standard NP EN ISO 9001:2015 and Standard NP 4552:2016
  • Satisfaction of customers and other interested parties, meeting their expectations
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Building sustained relationships with key suppliers
  • Creating and motivating work teams
  • Promote the conciliation between professional, personal and family life of all employees
  • Promote the professional development of employees
  • Provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injuries and health conditions
  • Constant innovation of products and production methods to strengthen our competitiveness in the market


To provide high quality, simple and increasingly technological equipment, satisfying the needs of all our customers.


To be a reference in the area, nationally and internationally, through continuous improvement and constant innovation.


  • Customer focus
  • Constant innovation of products and production methods
  • Concern with the company's image
  • Competitive pricing
  • Equality between men and women
  • Loyalty
  • Ambition
  • Responsibility

Declaration of Principles and Values of Conciliation

D2 Technology intends to reinforce and maintain high levels of product quality, increase and retain its customers, improve the reconciliation of employees' professional and personal lives and increase their productivity.

Our policy bets on the creation of sustained relationships with the main suppliers, creation and motivation of work teams, promoting the conciliation between professional, personal and family life, promoting professional development and providing safe and healthy working conditions.

We promote the Reconciliation of Professional and Family Life of our team, bearing in mind the following principles and values:

Equality between men and women

D2 Technology respects the principle of equality between men and women and non-discrimination, ensuring that all people are treated equally in all aspects, including family responsibilities, gender, disability, age, language, ancestry, race or ethnicity, nationality, political or ideological convictions, religion or belief, economic, social or family status, sexual orientation and gender identity.


The organization allows tolerance of up to 4 hours per month for absences of its employees for personal purposes without salary reduction, in order to satisfy the worker's family and/or personal needs.


D2 Technology takes responsibility for its impact on the economy, society and stakeholders. The principle of accountability obliges management to answer for its decisions and activities on laws and regulations before the organization, the public authorities.

Ethical conduct

The organization acts ethically, in accordance with its values of loyalty, honesty and integrity. These values are concerned with the people who make up the company and other interested parties. Thus, we identify and make known the fundamental values and principles, we establish control mechanisms and the presentation of complaints.

Respect for stakeholders

D2 Technology responds to the interests of its stakeholders, considering their points of view in relation to interests that may be affected by a decision or activity.

D2 Technology

Our goal is create and simplify more and more technological equipment so that the ornamental stone processing industry is also a sector with an increasingly positive dynamism.


Parque Industrial De Oleiros, Lt. 4/5 E 6, 4730 - 325
Oleiros, Braga

Email: info@d2technology.com
Phone: +351 253 926 280