StoneScan V2.3

Find out more about StoneScan V2.3.
  • Stone Scan V2.3
  • Stone Scan V2.3
  • Stone Scan V2.3
  • Stone Scan V2.3

Scan your way to the top

A scanner for your slabs opens a new world of possibilities.

21.5” multitouch screen.

world wide connection.

Top Quality Hardware

Photo quality up to 4K

Scanning area 3500mmx2500mm

Storage capacity up to 16TB

Proprietary Software Fusion 7.0(see below)

Integration with many software to expand your work


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Sahara Noir

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Rosso Levanto Turco

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Blue Stone Polido

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Agata Blue

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Ming Green


Virtual Dry Lay

With Virtual Dry Lay it´s possible to create complete building projects only with the photos created by Stonescan. Select all usable slabs, filter patterns and have everything approved before making a single cut.
Less waste, more efficiency and profit.



We observe the stone in all types of environments, from different perspectives and we are amazed at its placement in the most diverse contexts. We are passionate about this industry and only this passion carries the weight of our ambition to want to improve every day.
Our goal is to convey to all people the quality of our products, provide the best service and give the best possible support so that everyone can enjoy the best product ever created in stone.
Horustone is nothing more than a new tool that has come to improve an expanding market and create a new form of support to make the whole process faster and more effective in producing or idealizing every piece of stone our customers have in mind.



Use photos form Stonescan to make all Nesting cut for a slab or more and automatically create the entire cutting program.



A way to manage your stock for sale. Everything is easier with Mobgran, from any point of view, from the buyer or the seller.
Offer your product in just a few clicks and manage your reserves.
If you are buying, with a few clicks the item is in your stock. If you are selling, you control reservations with high resolution photos and all your product data.
Get a clear picture of how your sales, prospects, customers, sellers and your stock are going.
You can also inspect your stock anywhere with your smartphone or tablet and send them directly for customer evaluation. In a simple way have the history of products reserved or sold and always carry with you the history of relationship with your customers.

D2 Technology

Our goal is create and simplify more and more technological equipment so that the ornamental stone processing industry is also a sector with an increasingly positive dynamism.


Parque Industrial De Oleiros, Lt. 4/5 E 6, 4730 - 325
Oleiros, Braga

Email: info@d2technology.com
Phone: +351 253 926 280

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