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Machine CNC 5 Axis, combined with water jet.

Being one of the cutting groups 5 axes with possibility of use a disk up to 625mm / 24inches and group off suction cups as mover parts, the group of 5-axis water jet works independent and autonomous, and thus more autonomous and efficient because it is not directly dependent on the first group.

Z axis sphere spindle

5 axis interpoled

Monobloc welding steel structure.

Painture and steel treatment for corossion.

Brushless Motors.


Technical Features of water jet system group

37 ou 45 (optional)
4200mm / 50000mm/min / 165inches / 1968inches/min
350mm / 6250mm/min / 13inches / 246inches/min
3200mm / 50000mm/min / 125inches / 1968inches/min
D2 Technology

Our goal is create and simplify more and more technological equipment so that the ornamental stone processing industry is also a sector with an increasingly positive dynamism.


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