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Monster 2 is a CNC machine with 5 interpolated axis designed and built for processing marble, granite, artificial quartz, ceramics and natural stones.
It is managed by a numerical control unit in interface with CAD / CAM Systems, this equipment allows different types of work: perfect for the production of unique pieces or in series, Monster 2 is used for cutting slabs, kitchen countertops, shower trays.
Types of works: straight cuts, profiles, inclined cuts (0-90 °), curved cuts, holes, engravings, bas-reliefs.
The machine is equipped (optional) with digital camera, vacum lifters in the head and tool box with automatic tool change.
The different levels of customization of the machine is made possible by the wide range of accessories available.

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Our goal is create and simplify more and more technological equipment so that the ornamental stone processing industry is also a sector with an increasingly positive dynamism.


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